Learning through play
in and out of the classroom.

Teaching Through Play

As an educator, you’re working every day to teach and inspire students. So are we. ThinkFun’s addictively fun learning games are helping to ignite 21st century thinking skills in children around the world. And they can help in your classroom, too.

Games that Teach

Our mind-challenging games help stimulate crucial brain development in logic, visual/spatial, math, language and reasoning. Learn more

Downloadable Games

Challenge your students’ minds with free downloadable logic games, puzzles, math activities and brainteasers. View games

Group Games and Activities

Group Games & Activities

From Math Dice Tournaments to giant ThinkFun style games, we’re dedicated to helping kids learn through play. Learn more

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“I use Chocolate Fix in my class. I love the idea of students creating their own puzzles too.”
— Elementary Teacher, Richmond, Virginia
“I love Math Dice. I wish all of my kids could have it.”
— Elementary Teacher, Richmond, Virginia
"I love watching the kids play with the games – they’re so engaged.”
— Elementary Teacher, Richmond, Virginia