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The information on this page is intended to assist groups who get stuck while playing The Cursed Dollhouse.
Do not read before playing or risk spoiling the story and puzzles!

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It’s difficult to make out much detail in the bathroom, as the vapor in the room diffuses the weak light. Have you found anything that could help you see the details?

What should we use?

The flashlight you found in the bedroom may help you see better.

What should we look for?

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Two lines appear crossing the center of the green mirror. Are these two lines giving you the correct symbol, or is there more to it?

We need the solution!

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Look closely at the cracks that have formed on the wall, across the sink, and through the mirror. Combine the shape of these cracks with the two lines that appear under the flashlight. A circle with eight segments is revealed. Enter this symbol in the green section of the Solution Wheel and line it up with the Bathroom icon (toilet).

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A distinct red design is built into the bathroom tile. Examine it closely. Does anything else in the bathroom make similar shapes?

What moves like this?

As the ladder is unfolded, folded, and unfolded again, it can replicate the pattern shown in the red tiles. Need more hints? Click the ladder.

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You spot the tail-end of an enormous centipede as it winds its body around the ladder. Don’t lose sight of where it’s going.

Where is it going?

There are multiple symbols spread throughout the ladder. Could the centipede be leading you to one of the symbols?

How do we choose a symbol?

To find the correct symbol, follow the centpede from head to tail, or rather, from tail to (missing) head. Many heads are visible on the ladder, but only one tail is shown. The tail is where you should start.

Where does this lead?

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The hinges on the ladder look worn, like the ladder is regularly folded and unfolded. To find which symbol the centipede is headed to, you’ll need to fold and unfold the ladder. How can you determine which way to fold the ladder?

How does the ladder fold?

Two clues will help you fold and unfold the ladder correctly. First, look at where the hinges are located, and make sure that they remain on the inside of the fold.

Second, look closely at the red tile design. It is representing the ladder while it is unfolded, folded, then unfolded again. Following the centipede from its tail to a symbol requires that you follow this sequence of steps.

We need the solution!

The first red icon in the tile pattern represents an open ladder. With the ladder open, start at the centipede’s tail. Follow its body to the front side of the ladder as it travels over the bottom rung, and to the back of the ladder again. You will now be at the bottom corner of the back of the ladder.

The second red icon in the tile pattern represents a closed ladder. Close the ladder, and follow the centipede’s body over the closed ladder, stopping in the upper half of the back of the ladder.

The third red icon in the tile patterns represents an open ladder again. With the ladder open, follow the centipede’s body to the front of the ladder, then to the back side of the ladder, traveling over a rung to the front side of the ladder, and landing on the symbol shown. Enter this symbol on the red section of the Solution Wheel and line it up with the Bathroom icon (toilet).

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You are startled by the rustling of a wavy blue shower curtain. What caused the curtain to rustle?

What made it rustle?

Moving waves made the shower curtain rustle. Why are the waves only on certain places of the curtain design?

What do we do here?

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Move the waves until they all connect. What do you see?

We need the solution!

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When all three waves are connected, a symbol appears in the fish. Enter this symbol into the blue section of the Solution Wheel and line it up wth the Bathroom icon (toilet)

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The plastic doll is wrapped in rope. Can you untangle the rope to free him?

How do we free him?

Examine the doll, bathtub, rope, and bead carefully, paying particular attention to their size relationships. Which pieces will fit through each other?

Which pieces should we use?

The bead won’t fit through the slot in the bathtub.

However, the slots in the doll are a little wider. How might you get the bead to go through the doll?

We need the solution!

To fit the bead through the tub, you need to get the doll and the bead on the same side of the tub. To do this, turn the doll face down, then slide its head through the bathtub. The doll will be stopped at its shoulders, but you will have enough space to push the bead down through the opening below the doll’s head.

Next, slide the doll’s head back out from the tub, and turn the doll around so its legs can be slid through the tub. Slide the doll’s leg through the tub, then push the bead up through the slot in the doll’s legs. Gently pull the rope away from the doll, then pull the doll out from the tub. For a video of the solution, CLICK HERE.

Remember, “there may be other puzzles in the room. These will often provide symbols or clues that will be used later in the game.”

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Remember this clock, it may be useful later.

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