Spoiler Alert!

The information on this page is intended to assist groups who get stuck while playing The Cursed Dollhouse.
Do not read before playing or risk spoiling the story and puzzles!

If your party has gotten a little muddled, you’ve come to the right place.

Click on the ROOM that you are currently in, then click the ITEM in the room you would like more information about.

Each ITEM in the room will have a different number of hints associated with it. We’ll give you hints just a little at a time; use as many or as few as you like. You’ll know you’ve received the last hint before the solution when you see the button “WE NEED THE SOLUTION!”

Remember, some clues and items are only used in the room in which they are found while other clues and items may be used in a future location, or more than once. There are also clues hidden within the story. While three symbols are needed to progress past the icon in each phase, there may be other puzzles in the room. These will often provide symbols or clues that will be used later in the game.

For an easier experience, click here to download the story with more text clues.


We tried all the hints & we're still stuck!