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The information on this page is intended to assist groups who get stuck while playing The Cursed Dollhouse.
Do not read before playing or risk spoiling the story and puzzles!

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Green markings are scrawled across a portion of the wallpaper and each of the six bookcase pieces. Could they be connected? How can you put them together?

How do we work this out?

To discover the meaning of the green scratches, start by rebuilding the broken bookcase. Study the details of each of the six pieces carefully to learn how to rebuild the shelf.

A detail on the wallpaper might also be helpful.

How do we rebuild this?

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Notice the different notch sizes in the wood planks. To build a stable bookcase, pair short notches with long notches. Keep in mind, one spot allows a little extra room to shift the pieces of the bookcase and connect the final piece.

Show me the bookcase!

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A completed bookcase will not reveal the answer on its own. Think about where the bookcase may have been located before it was broken.

We need the solution!

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Line the bookcase against the wall, matching it to the faded areas on the wallpaper. Look inside the house at the markings on the bookcase and the wall to see the answer. You may have to slightly change the angle of your view until all the green markings appear to connect. What symbol do you see? Find this symbol on the green section of the Solution Wheel and line it up with the Living Room icon (couch).

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There is a red rug that has been stitched together from scraps of fabric on the floor. Could it be covering something?

What's under the rug?

Underneath the rug there is a scattering of red symbols scratched on the wood floor. Which symbol will help you unlock the door?

How do we choose a symbol?

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The perforated rug will help you find the correct red symbol. Tear along the perforations. Which sections of the rug should you align to fix the poorly assembled rug?

How does this help?

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Lining up the black border around the rug reveals a square hole in the bottom right corner. This hole will help you find the correct symbol.

How do we find the symbol?

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Place the reassembled rug back on the wood floor. The dark splotch on the floor will help you position the rug correctly.

We need the solution!

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When the reassembled rug is aligned properly on the floor a symbol in the upper right corner shows through the square hole in the rug. Find this symbol on the red section of the Solution Wheel and line it up with the Living Room icon (couch).

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A blue cross-stitch pattern hangs above the door. A blue spider lazily spins its web.

What does this mean?

The blue cross-stitch pattern will help you find meaning in the blue spider web. Need another hint? Click the spider web.

A blue spider has spun a peculiar blue web. Why did the spider spin its web this way?

What does this mean?

Another blue pattern in the room will guide you through the answer.

What should I look for?

Closely examine the cross stitch pattern. Why does the pattern point in different directions?

What do the arrows mean?

The cross-stitch pattern gives directions for a path to follow within the spider web. Starting at the green dot, move DOWN until you reach an intersection, then DOWN again. What should the next moves be?

What comes next?

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When you arrive at the third instruction in the cross-stitch pattern, there are two ways you can go UP. However, only one of these choices will lead you to the red dot in the correct number of steps.

We need the solution!

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Following the DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, DOWN path from green to red reveals a symbol. Find this symbol on the blue section of the Solution Wheel and line it up with the Living Room icon (couch).

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A portrait of a young girl hangs on the wall. Could there be anything behind it?

What does this mean?

There is a picture of a house on the other side of the portrait. It doesn’t seem to connect to anything else in the room. Remember this double-sided painting, it may be useful later.

A hollow voice seems to come from the doll, “Some things are broken… others made whole… some remain lost…” What could this be referring to?”

What does it mean?

Each phrase refers to something in the room. Focus on those items to get out of the living room.

What things should I look at?

The bookshelf is broken apart, the rug is made whole with scraps of fabric stitched together, and the spider is lost in a maze. Find the symbols revealed by the bookshelf, rug, and spider web to get out of the living room. The doll itself will not help reveal a symbol. It may be useful later.

It’s a lock symbol with green, red, and blue circles. You’ll have to find three symbols in the colors green, red, and blue to exit the living room.

We tried all the hints & we're still stuck!