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The information on this page is intended to assist groups who get stuck while playing The Cursed Dollhouse.
Do not read before playing or risk spoiling the story and puzzles!

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A clock reads 5:45. Remember this time. It will be useful very soon.

A nesting doll with an orange painted design is at the far corner of the room. Could there by something inside the doll?

What's inside the doll?

There are three smaller dolls inside the largest doll. Examine each doll carefully. What do you notice about each of their designs?

What is on the dolls?

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Each of the three smaller dolls that you remove has a different symbol painted on it. Do these symbols appear anywhere else?

Where are the symbols?

All three of the symbols painted on the smaller dolls appear within the intricate design painted on the largest doll. One example is shown below. How can you use each of the painted designs to reveal one symbol?

How do we find a single symbol?

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To reveal one symbol, remove the symbols painted on the smaller dolls from the design painted on the largest doll. Look carefully. Some symbols may appear in the design more than once.

We need the solution!

The symbol on the third layer of the doll appears thrice within the design. The image on the right shows the design after the highlighted symbols have been removed.

The symbol on the second layer of the doll appears twice in the design.

The symbol on the first layer of the doll appears once in the design. The image on the right now shows the one remaining symbol. This is the correct symbol for the Nesting Doll puzzle.

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The chest is locked. How might you unlock it? Examine the chest carefully.

What does the chest show?

Notice that the lock icon on the chest is different from the lock icons on the doors from earlier in the house. The icon contains three doll shapes. The dolls’ secrets will help you open the chest.

If you haven’t found all the dolls’ secrets, click the doll(s) below to return to the room where they were found and collect more hints.

How do the dolls help?

The lock icon on the chest shows three dolls, but four dolls have given you symbols. How can you determine which three dolls will open the chest? And how can you determine how to enter the three symbols in the Solution Wheel? Remember, the dolls’ secrets will open the chest “…just in time…”

How does time help?

“…just in time…” is referring to the four clocks hung throughout the house. Carefully examine them. How might they reveal how to enter symbols into the Solution Wheel?

What do the clocks mean?

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Notice that the clocks come in different sizes, just like the rings of the Solution Wheel. To open the chest, match each of the doll’s symbols with the size of the clock from the room the doll was found, and enter the dolls’ symbols into the Solution Wheel based on the respective size of each clock. Think carefully about how you can correctly order three doll symbols from four clock sizes and four doll symbols. Maybe one of the clocks isn’t used? Two clues in the house provide different methods of determining which clock to eliminate. Can you find both of them?

Which clock isn't used?

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For the first clue that eliminates one of the clocks, carefully examine the clock in the bathroom. It is cracked, but is there anything else unusual about it? The clock displays the hour hand at an incorrect angle. If it were 8:30, the hour hand would be between the 8 and the 9, and if it were 9:30, the hour hand would be between the 9 and 10. The cracked clock is not functioning correctly. This is the clock you should eliminate.

The second clue that eliminates the same clock is found under the bathtub. Look back at the plastic doll found in the bathroom. When you match up the lines on the legs of the plastic doll with the lines under the tub, a shape of a house is revealed. The house includes bubbles in some rooms. What is the meaning of the bubbles? The bubbles are in the same position as the clocks. They are also the same size ratios as the clocks. When the outline of a house is revealed, the symbol under the tub, and the bubble in the bathroom, both disappear. This means the clock in the bathroom, and the symbol from the doll found in the bathroom, are not needed to open the chest.

We need the solution!

To successfully open the chest, enter the Voodoo Doll’s symbol into the smallest wheel – the blue wheel. Enter the Paper Doll’s symbol into the middle wheel – the green wheel, and enter the Nesting Doll’s symbol into the largest wheel – the red wheel. Line up these three symbols with the attic icon (triangle).

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Inside the chest, you find four sets of straps. Examine them closely. Have you seen them before?

Where are the straps?

The patterns on the straps appear on four items throughout the house.

How can these four items help reveal the final three symbols?

How do the four items connect?

Each of the four items contain one fourth of a pattern. Connect the four corners to create a 4 x 4 weaving pattern. Each section of pattern will slightly overlap another section. How can you use this complete pattern to trap the doll?

How do we weave the straps?

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Notice that the ends of the straps are a darker shade of brown. To create a tight weave, pull the straps through the buckles until the dark edges of the straps are no longer visible.

We need the solution!

Weave the four sets of straps to match the 4×4 pattern. The three symbols that appear on the top layer of the woven straps are the final solution. Enter these symbols into the Solution Wheel and line them up with the chest icon.

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We tried all the hints & we're still stuck!